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The Hermetic Library audio pool is an experimental auditory scavenger hunt for sounds and music of a living Western Esoteric Tradition.

Music and performance can be a form of ritual and magick. Works and artists have long been inspired by the ideas of Western Esotericism and Mysticism. This group is to help create a space for sharing music and connecting with artists who feel drawn to these topics and ideas, or, especially, incorporate and manifest ritual and magick in their works.

The Cryptographic RAM Hymn

The Cryptographic RAM Hymn” is a track added by TinnYSainTainT in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

Praise to You, Great Living Ram,
Foremost of Gods,
Lord of Ta-set-Neith (“the Seat of Neith”, Iunyt/Latopolis),
Raging Ba (soul),
Divine Lord of Gods,
Living One,
Lord of the Living,
Brave One,
Lord of braves,
God of the Primeval Mound,
Most Sublime of Gods,
Beloved of … . ,
Copulating Ram,
Living Ram,
Maker of rams,
Rising One,
Illuminator of the Two Lands,
Lord of the potter’s wheel,
Builder and Creator,
Maker of the Bau (the souls) of the Gods and mankind,
Lord of Gods,
the Breath of Life for those who are upon the Earth … .


HOLOGRAM23” is a track added by The OVRMN in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

The universe is a consciousness hologram. Reality is projected illusion within the hologram. It is a virtual experiment created in linear time to study emotions. Our hologram is composed of grids created by a source consciousness brought into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical level. The hologram is created and linked through a web, or grid matrixes based on the patterns of Sacred Geometry. The hologram had a beginning and it has an end, as consciousness evolves in the alchemy of time. As the grids collapse, everything within the hologram will end, helping to understand what is going on in the world today.


DAYSGONE” is a track added by The OVRMN in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

Merkaba is a rotating field of light generated from geometric forms that affects your spirit and body. It can transports your spirit/physical body across different dimensions. The vessel it shaped as a star tetrahedron. While you are in the middle of the tetrahedron, the spinning shield around you looks like a saucer. It’s about 55 feet across.