Summary for the week ending Apr 23, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending April 23th, 2017.

Lots of ongoing work on the site, preparing Postal Exchange boxes for Patrons (the next batch should be heading out tomorrow), responding to 2017 Hermetic Library Surveys (which will close for new answers at the end of the month), and more this week.

This week was also a big milestone. Seshat and the Clitoris by Nandani Felicia Bharrat, the very first guest post was posted to the blog. And, it was a super popular post on the blog already, so if you’ve not checked that out, go take a gander.

Also, I added a comment to the post via the BBS and so you can see an example of how the BBS integrates with the blog for commenting. So, head on over to the BBS and join the conversation on this or other posts to the blog.

This post made it through the new pitch and submission process which starts by heading over to submit your pitch. So, you know, get on over there and submit your pitches! Did I mention that you should submit a pitch?!

Special thanks to Funding and Patron supporters for their support and help making this submission process and guest post happen. Not only do supporters help provide funds so that I can pay authors for these new posts, but Patrons with access to the private Patron Lounge on the BBS are able to take part in the submissions process.

In addition to the submission process, there’s a lot of other ways to participate, not the least of which is the new submission process. Consider also participating on the BBS forums or send in something for the Zine! And, if there’s something else you’ve got in mind, just get in touch so we can discuss your idea.

Here’s a summary of posts on the blog from last week

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“The puritan is always trying to make it impossible for those things which frighten him to exist. He does not understand that sensibility is not to be cured by protecting it from the obvious stimuli. The diseased tissue will merely begin to react to all sorts of contacts which have a merely symbolic relation with the original perils. This psychological fact is at the basis of such phenomena as fetishism. The saint hurries to the Thebaid to avoid the danger of Thais, only to find that the very stones rise up and take her place.”
Chapter 68 from Confessions

Quote featured at PROGRESS ANARCHY COMMON SENSE from the Ministry of Information.

“A prominent writer calls attention to himself by the device of calling attention to the pangs of slaughtered oxen; another affirms his brotherhood with the Chicago Pig. Countless thousands turn Vegetarian, and then quarrel as to whether it is or is not True Vegetarianism to eat eggs. The war between the Fruitarians and the Nut-foodists nearly came to a cross word! I knew a ‘man’ who refused to eat bread because it was a fermented drink! A friend of mine knew an Anarchist who refused cocoa because it excited his animal passions!”
The Vindication of Nietzsche from The Giant’s Thumb

Quote featured at PROGRESS ANARCHY COMMON SENSE from the Ministry of Information.

“Throughout my life, I have always wanted to speak the truth, but speaking wasn’t my forte. My mouth would open to utter something and my brain would demand my mouth to shut immediately, lest I make a fool of myself. I possessed a profound inability to articulate my thoughts verbally.”

—Tom Taylor, Aphorisms to the Individual: Notes for my Sons