NPR article about Jay-Z and the occult mentions Crowley

NPR article about Jay-Z and the occult mentions Crowley “Jay-Z: A Master Of Occult Wisdom?


There’s a thread from a couple days ago about this over at Lashtal.

And, it’s worth pointing out that this is generating interesting reactions everywhere else too, but there’s a few glimmers of intelligent inquiry amidst the hate, for example:

“but what makes the quote bad?
do what thou wilt?
how is that bad” [via]

Yeah, it’s kinda freakin’ people out everywhere, actually and interestingly. The hate speech is unfortunate, but that this freaks out the squares is kind nifty. And, people are hearing “Do what thou wilt” and asking questions about it.

And after all, “how is that bad”?


There’s also the history of Prince Hall Masons and including here a bit of their long history of being excluded. Speculation on possible membership doesn’t seem to include this, at least in the discussions I’ve stumbled onto so far.

There were a lot of other fora I might have linked to except for the explicit racism, so didn’t. There’s a lot of both overt and coded racism coming out in discussions about this directed toward Jay-Z and others as well as the typical hate and misinformation about Crowley.

I feel it should be a matter of pride that the Golden Dawn and subsequent orders started to break away from the sexist and racist restrictions on membership in fraternal organizations, and it seems important to remember that is still a process that’s ongoing.

Certainly there’s been many articles and books one could reference about the connection between Rastafari and Prince Hall Masonry, for just an example historical influence between Western esoteric currents and culture, music.