Aleister Crowley makes number 4 on a list of eerie recordings

Aleister Crowley makes number 4 on a list of eerie recordings, with mentions of A∴A∴, Ordo Templi Orientis and The Book of the Law at “Top 10 Eerie Recordings

“We have already covered lists of historic recordings and incredible recordings, so now we are presenting you with a list of eerie recordings. These all feature themes or sounds that are spooky in one way or another.”

“4 The Great Beast
Aleister Crowley was an English occultist, writer, mountaineer, poet, yogi, and possible spy. He was an influential member of occult organizations, including the Golden Dawn, the A∴A∴, and Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), and is known today for his magical writings, especially The Book of the Law, the central sacred text of Thelema. He gained notoriety during his lifetime, and was denounced in the popular press of the day as ‘The wickedest man in the world.’ The recording above is an incredibly rare one – the speaker is Crowley and he is reading from some of his magickal [sic] writings.”