A couple entries about Crowley’s birthday today

A couple entries about Crowley’s birthday today at “A Tribute – Merry Crowleymas!” and “ALEISTER CROWLEY

“As fate would have it this year, Canadian Thanksgiving falls smack on Aleister Crowley’s birthday. I am actually thankful for this pioneering force in the Occult Community. Even if I find some of his work a little self-serving, it has ultimately added to the tapestry of magickal practices and theories.” [via]

“Mountaineer, fiendish hedonist, and magus incandescent, ALEISTER CROWLEY (1875–1947) remains one of the more remarkable figures of Edwardian letters, though his peculiar reputation makes a frank assessment of the man a rare thing. Between his public infamy as an obscene heretic — the ‘wickedest man in the world’   and the claustrophobic subcult of antinomian occultists that continue to adore him as the prophet of the magickal religion of Thelema, Crowley remains a man set too far apart from the central currents of his age. Whatever else he did, Crowley was a productive, powerful, and often brilliant writer …” [via]