New GalleyCat interview about a YA novel Andromeda Klein

New GalleyCat interview about a YA novel, Andromeda Klein, at Andromeda Klein, Born Under a Cryptic Sign which has occult themes, and even a theme song which mentions Crowley and Lovecraft.

The story apparently includes a theme about preserving the occult section of a library. And, the article even mentions a cancelled appearance at a Portland school, which is almost like being banned, at least worth checking out!

The theme song is here: Andromeda Klein.

Here’s a couple more links about this book & author:

“Andromeda Klein” by Frank Portman
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I picked this up at Powell’s today, and well as Portman’s first book King Dork. Andromeda Klein looks great already. I think this actually is the book that all the reactionaries thought Harry Potter was. If you check this book out, be sure to look on the reverse side of the dust cover. And, I’m really heartened by the statement on the copyright page that “Random House Children’s Books supports the First Amendment and celebrates the right to read.”