Satanic Support Call for Mr. Crowley on line 666

Dial 666 – Speak Of The Devil” offers a dramatization of Aleister Crowley in Hell.

“It could be a large number of people attempting to subvert the Census form in an anarchistic way,” said Crowley. “This doesn’t really matter. If you put it down, your soul is His for eternity thereafter.”

The call centre will be fielding calls from people enquiring about the skiing conditions in the Inferno, whether or not Granddad has been taken downstairs and discussing terms with the Horned one Himself.

“We expect that one of the more popular topics of conversation will be the exchange of an immortal soul for some favour,” Crowley admitted. “Our staff are all trained in such bargaining.”

It is not anticipated at this time that the infernal call centre will be used for cold calling people requesting their immortal soul in exchange for fame and fortune.