New pdf for Liber B vel Magi sub figura I

I’ve done a little bit of work on Liber B vel Magi sub figurâ I, Book 1, in the Libri of Aleister Crowley. A while ago, I went through all The Holy Books of Thelema, the technical writings of Aleister Crowley, publications in class A, and tried to catch and correct any errors there were in the HTML versions. It’s long been a plan to make new PDFs for the site to match corrected HTML versions. Today, I created an experimental new PDF to replace the old legacy version of the first liber. Not only will this correct any errors that may have been in the old PDF, but this will also make it easier to make corrections in the future.

I also changed the HTML page for the liber itself to have links in the bottom navigation area to a renamed text and the new PDF formats, and updated the index for the libri by number on the main Aleister Crowley page.

So, check out the new experimental PDF for Liber B vel Magi sub figurâ I on the site.