“AC on N” is a new post by T Polyphilus

T Polyphilus recently posted “AC on N” which is about Aleister Crowley’s writing on Nietzsche in The Vindication of Nietzsche:

“Nietzsche’s true agenda is coming to fruition in a “New Religion” illustrated by passages from The Book of the Law. Although Crowley elsewhere described Anna Kingsford as the Baptizer John anticipating his Thelemic movement, in this essay Nietzsche serves as “the dawn-star” to herald a “son of man to be a Sun of men.” The latter is of course Aleister Crowley the Thelemic “Apollo … Antichrist … Saviour of the Earth!”

In addition to this post and the cited source material on Nietzsche at the Hermetic Library, there’s also elsewhere a thread about Nietzsche at LAShTAL which may be of interest.