Weiser Antiquarian Books’ Catalog No. 91 “Aleister Crowley”

You may be interested in the new Weiser Antiquarian Books’ Catalog No. 91 “Aleister Crowley” which is part one of what will apparently be an extensive series focused on the works of Aleister Crowley from the collection of the late Nicholas Bishop-Culpeper:

“Welcome to this, the ninety-first of our on-line catalogues. This catalogue is the first of a series devoted to the Aleister Crowley collection of our longtime friend and customer, the late Nicholas Bishop-Culpeper (1942-2011). Those who knew Nick will recall that aside from piecing together a wonderful collection of works by Crowley, he had an extraordinary talent for tracking down books, magazines, newspapers – anything printed really – that contained “undiscovered” references to the Beast. In so doing he played a quiet but important part in furthering our knowledge of Crowley and his times, and developed a remarkable and varied library.”