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I think the text is

“L.G.P. Ano 12, Sol em Balança

Não Posso Viver Sem Ti.
A outra “Boca de Infierno” (sic)
apanhar-me-á não será tão quente como a tua


Tu Li Yu

Texto da carta de Aleister Crowley (famoso mago Inglês; 1875-1947), para a sua companheira “A Mulher Escarlate” simulando o suicidio na Boca do Inferno.

Esta carta foi publicada em jornais nacionais como o “Diário de Notícias” ou o “Notícias Ilustrado”, e estrangeiros, para credibilizar o sucedido, com a conivência do Poeta Fernando Pessoa e do Jornalista e Occultista Augusto Ferreira Gomes. Em Setembro de 1930, com o intuito de conhecer Fernando Pessoa, Aleister Crowley permanence em Lisboa Sintra e Estoril durante cerca de 20 dias.”

for which a messy translation attempt could be

“L.G.P. Year 12, Sun in Libra

I Can not Live Without Thee
The other “Boca de Infierno” (sic)
catch me will not be as hot as your


Tu Li Yu

Text of the letter of Aleister Crowley (famous magician English, 1875-1947), his companion for “The Scarlet Woman” simulating the suicide in the Mouth of Hell.

This letter was published in national newspapers as the “Daily News” or the “Illustrated News”, and foreign credibility to what happened with the connivance of the poet Fernando Pessoa and the Journalist and Occultist Augusto Ferreira Gomes. In September 1930, in order to meet Fernando Pessoa, Aleister Crowley remains in Lisbon, Sintra and Estoril for about 20 days.”

I’ve added a stub for Fernando Pessoa to the Hermeneuticon Wiki and now added a link to this image there.


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  1. Underground Post author

    Before moving to this blog, I'd posted a bunch of links about Fernando Pessoa to the Fb page that had started to show up online. So, while those aren't archived here, there's still quite a bit to find online about the pair.

    For example, check out… and the Pessoa translation of Crowley's Hymn of Pan at… or the image of one Crowley letter to Pessoa.

    There was a flurry of news when that correspondence went up for sale such as

    And so on …