The Red Goddess and Crossed Keys from Scarlet Imprint

Today the Bibliothèque Rouge edition of The Red Goddess is available for pre-order over at Scarlet Imprint. And, check out that cover by Christopher Conn Askew!

“The epic sweep of The Red Goddess takes us from Babylon to Jerusalem to Rome, and onwards to Apocalypse.
It engages with the Revelation of John, the Angelic work of John Dee, the excesses of Aleister Crowley, and the immolation of the Californian antichrist-superstar Jack Parsons.
This is the missing history of the Love Goddess in the West.
Thirteen essays conclude the book on subjects including: roses, mirror magick, bdsm, aphrodisia, the information age, love vs lust, and the meaning of apocalypse.
The Red Goddess is for anyone with blood in their veins, regardless of tradition, background or experience.
It is written to provoke, arouse and enflame.
It is a love story.”

Additionally, it looks like Crossed Keys is now shipping, and there’s still some available; as well as the new Bibliothèque Rouge edition of Crossed Keys, which has arrived and is available now.

“Two scarce grimoires of Hell and Heaven, the Black Dragon and the Enchiridion, bound together for the first time in a fresh English language translation by Michael Cecchetelli.
Crossed Keys is of great interest to those working with Le Dragon Rouge/Grand Grimoire, Grimorium Verum and the wider grimoire tradition.”

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