Last days to help kickstart a couple projects, including Eleusyve Productions’ The Rite of Sol

I’ve posted recently about two kickstarter campaigns for which I wanted to send out reminders, plus I’m going to mention another for the first time. All of these are in the last couple days. I’m posting them in order of need, with the campaign by Eleusyve Productions first as they could really use some help in the last days to reach their goal.

Check out the campaign by Eleusyve Productions to put on the next in the Rites of Eleusis as a rock opera, The Rite of Sol.

And, don’t forget that Rik Garrett, a contributor to the Hermetic Library visual pool, has a campaign to help make a solo exhibition in London happen. Rik is in the last few days, and is so very close to his goal.

Finally, although I haven’t mentioned it before, there’s a campaign by Starhawk around getting her book The Fifth Sacred Thing developed as a movie, which you might be interested in checking out. This campaign is actually already funded, but apparently there’s a new secondary goal for the last few days.