A Passion for Evil

For those in the UK, there’s A Passion for Evil, an upcoming stage production about Aleister Crowley which may be of interest by Purple Media in development with The Lowry. A Passion for Evil runs two nights, Sat Oct 29th and Sun Oct 30th.

If anyone attends this and wants to write a review, let me know … was it good? Was it a slide into to the Crowley Corollary of hysterical apophenic satanism or an interesting exploration worth having seen?

“Limited £5 tickets available on Studio shows – book now!

Aleister Crowley is one of the most controversial men of the 20th century.

A master of the occult, outstanding mountaineer, poet and writer. Crowley fearlessly pursued his search for the truth, exploring the world and the darker regions of his own mind, he rampaged through the hypocritical moral code of Victorian England.

They branded him the “Wickedest Man in the World” and there were allegations of human sacrifice yet even today he is followed by thousands.

In this piece of chilling theatre John Burns strips away the myth and seeks out the truth of the man they called The Beast.” [via]