the moon is a spaceship at Forwindings in London, UK on Nov 19th

Participant in the Hermetic Library audio pool the moon is a spaceship [also] has been working hard to prepare for his first live gig which will be at Forwindings at St. Leonard’s Church in London, UK on Nov 19th starting at 4pm. He says, “I’m playing with friends from Forwind Records, it’s a showcase of all the acts on the label. (I’m releasing an EP with them soon.) I’ve been working really hard preparing for this, I intend to blow minds. My show is gonna be a heathen ritual comprising of heavy drone, freak folk followed by ear shattering dub.” Sounds great! Wish I could hop the pond and go.

“For the past year or three Forwind Recordings have been quietly assembling a small but beautifully formed roster of left field artists from the UK and Ireland. Forwindings is an event that brings many of them together in the suitably atmospheric setting of London’s Shoreditch Church in an evening of eclectic, and immersive sonic exploration.

Eclectic is the word; the music on offer ranges from sludgecore dub to free improv to dystopic ambient drones to improvised songs to ambient jazz and live electroacoustic processing and a few dozen other hybrids that might not exist just yet. Bring some cushions.”

As a reminder, here’s a couple tracks from the Hermetic Library audio pool by the moon is a spaceship:

lucid infinity


burnt hill massachusetts