Help kickstart a new Lon Milo DuQuette music project

Newly announced, Lon Milo DuQuette is trying to kickstart a professionally produced CD to preserve his music. The project goal is really quite modest, in fact, so you may want to pitch in and help make this happen.



“Although he is probably best known as a “living expert” on Eastern mysticism and Western Magick, before Lon Milo DuQuette became a famous Magician, he was a critically acclaimed recording artist on Epic Records. After a twenty five year hiatus, Lon resumed his career in 2005 when a Canadian documentary film director asked him to play some of his old tunes. Since then he has recorded two collections of new songs (“The White Album” and “The Black Album”.) These collections were largely self-produced, sometimes using nothing more than a hand held recorder in an extra bedroom.

The popularity of these recordings and the subsequent demand for live performances inspired Lon to re-dedicate himself to making music as well as magic. The result of this re-dedication is the creation of some of his most beloved songs ever.

Lon would very much like to get this material preserved in a format that does justice to the songs and provides the best possible experience for future listeners. To accomplish this requires a recording space, sound engineers and equipment. Although these can be found at reasonable cost, they are not free.”