Experimental Tumbr for the Hermetic Library

You may be interested in checking out a new experiment over at http://tumblr.hrmtc.com/. I’ve used several different tools to post content from the library, and this is another one that I flirted with a while ago, but then didn’t end up using. However, recently I started to try again.

Each of the various ways I post about the library has a different feel to them, so although there’s re-posting in all of them there is also a slightly different kind of engagement for each. Tumblr seems to be very visually oriented in the way that people use it, and so far a lot of the unique flavour of the Hermetic Library over there has been around images. Anyhow, to each their own and if you like Tumblr, you may want to check out and follow the presence for the Hermetic Library over there.

Also, since the Tumblr presence is part of the Hrmtc Underground, I have the posts from there echoing to the @hrmtc twitter feed.