Psychic TV – Force the Hand of Chance – Message [1982]


“Psychic TV –
Force the Hand of Chance – Message [1982]
Derek Jarman, Alan Oversby aka Mr Sebastian
Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth’s Grey Book”


“P-Orridge’s assertion that ‘Message from Thee Temple’ (referred to as ‘Message from Thee Temple of Psychic Youth’ on the lyric sheet) was “Written after consideration of sexual magic and L-OV-E under Will” reveals his familiarity with the techniques of the OTO as regenerated by Crowley; indeed ‘Message from Thee Temple’ outlines a method of discovering one’s true Will along lines suggested by the famous magician. Written in 1980, the Message is the earliest of the lyrics featured on the record and it stands as a foundation text or mission statement, which was issued to the many thousands of people who contacted TOPY Information Points or Stations throughout the 1980s. The text is delivered in a friendly, trustworthy but authoritative voice, warm and rich, reasonable, seemingly not insistent. A strange doubling effect can be discerned by the close listening ear, which can result in a state of heightened awareness or unease. Basically, the Message stresses the virtues of personal experience as the basis for developing a generalised magickal system to bring greater depth to the Individual’s exploration of Present Time. Despite the avowed primacy of personal experience, TOPY and PTV sometimes flirt with the proclamation of dogma, both here and elsewhere. The Message closes with a mournful violin fade out.” — Review by FNS at Head Heritage [via]