Scarlet Imprint goes digital

Just got word via the Scarlet Imprint Newsletter that they’re now going to be offering digital editions of their books. They’ve redesigned the Scarlet Imprint website to be cleaner and clearer and have started to add a few titles in digital format. So, check out the digital edition of Datura, a collection of occult and pagan poems and essays, available now in ePUB and MOBI formats and look for the rest in the months to come.

On a more editorial note, Scarlet Imprint has already been doing a great job of providing a variety of editions in various price ranges, from excellently crafted collectors editions to the affordable Bibliothèque Rouge format. With the addition of the new digital formats, Scarlet Imprint has gone even further to recognizing that there is no reason to limit the reach of good content by hiding it behind artificial scarcity: a variety of editions from heirloom quality art bindings to affordable paperbacks and even digital editions are great options for people to have. Being able to fetishize and totemize the physical manifestation of one’s books is not mutually exclusive to wanting convenient and searchable access to the information content, and frankly, I personally find these two things to be additive and synergistic.