Lavanut” is a track added by skyprojection in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“On this Sunday, while I sit in my room.

On this Sunday, living in the world of cuckoo tv reality what not shit fuck nonsense screens screens screens my mine mindspace shamebook twatter crapslap deskjob fingernet news black forgot about stars.

My S-1000 has something to say.”


The Hermetic Library audio pool is an auditory scavenger hunt for sounds and music of a living Western Esoteric Tradition.

Music and performance can be a form of ritual and magick. Works and artists have long been inspired by the ideas of Western Esotericism and Mysticism. This group is to help create a space for sharing, music and other audio, and connecting with artists who feel drawn to these topics and ideas, or, especially, incorporate and manifest ritual and magick in their works.