The Phantomwise Tarot

I ran into some images of the Phantomwise Tarot and thought how it reminded me of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Well, turns out there’s a reason, because the deck is by the author.

“The Phantomwise Tarot is a 78-card tarot deck, painted entirely in black and white acrylic. While drawing inspiration from the Rider Waite style, it has a variety of influences ranging from Egyptian mythology and Victoriana to carnival/circus chic and of course, the works of Lewis Carroll.”

The site for this says that the deck will be completed in 2009, but is it? Also, the limited edition cards that were available through Adam McLean’s Alchemy Website are sold out. Also, the etsy shop is on hiatus. Good news or bad news?

Update 2011dec6 @ 8:19pm

So, there’s a post by Erin Morgenstern back in May on her site about the status of the deck.

“I do not have a publisher for the complete deck yet.

It is on my ever-growing to-do list and I promise I do intend to get the deck published because I want it to be available for the tarot-loving masses, but I also wrote a book and it sort of ate my life. (If you happen to be a tarot publisher and are interested in publishing the deck, please feel free to contact me.)

The tarot aficionados will likely appreciate this aspect of my current life balance issues: in the summer of 2009, just before I started querying literary agents, I had a wonderful professional tarot reading and the only negative element was in art/writing balance, where The Tower showed up to remind me that I cannot give all of my energy to different things without falling down. Something had to take priority, and the universe clearly and loudly decided it would be writing.

My apologies for the continued wait, but I want to give the deck the time and energy it deserves, including possibly touching up some of the paintings, so it’s going to take a while. Thank you for your patience.” [via]

Update 2011dec12 @ 3:33pm

There was a specific question about this tarot deck in a recent interview with Erin Morgenstern over at GoodReads:

“GR: Goodreads member Brandi asks, ‘Does she plan to reprint her Phantomwise black-and-white tarot card deck?’

EM: It is on the to-do list. Fortunately there are a lot of things on the to-do list. There was a limited edition, but there’s never been a 72-card deck. I do have the art for it; I just haven’t made the time to pursue proper publication of it. But there will be in the foreseeable future a published deck that people can get.” [via]