Marcha de las calaveras


“It was billed as “the first act of collective psycho-magic in Mexico.”

The call made by the cult mystic Alejandro Jodorowsky said the event would seek to “heal” the country of the cosmic weight of so many dead in the drug war, by gathering for something he called the March of the Skulls.

On Sunday, on a wet and frigid morning in this mountain capital, hundreds of Jodorowsky fans answered the open convocation.

They donned black top hats and black shawls, and carried canes and Mexican flags colored in black. They wore calavera face paint or masks to give themselves the look of stylish skeletons gathered in this often-surreal city in the name of Mexico’s tens of thousands of sometimes nameless drug war dead.

“Long live the dead!” they shouted.” [via]


“Jodorowsky, director of surrealist films “El Topo” and “Holy Mountain,” practices a brand of psychotherapy termed “psychomagic,” which requires that some symbolic event, whether individually or collectively, can in fact transmogrify into reality and thus heal individuals or groups therapeutically.

On November 28th, according to Los Angeles Times reporting, Jodorowsky attempted a mass demonstration of his brand of psychomagic in Mexico. The goal was to heal the souls of the dead who have fallen in Mexico’s long-running and ultra-violent drug war.

Jodorowsky called the event Marcha de las Calaveras, or, March of the Skulls.

And while nothing quite compares to tens of thousands of dead, apart from large-scale genocide, America could certainly use its own psychomagical event, not this Judeo-Christian paradigm that preaches weakness and supplication at the feet of the rich and powerful, for deliverance will be had in heaven.” [via]