The Beast Bay

The Beast Bay is the newest section at the Hermetic Library.

While I was working on the guest site for David Richard Jones, I ran into a few documents Jones had posted to The Beast Bay back in the day, so started trying to track down who had run the site. I managed to get in touch with Michael Sanborn, aka Xnoubis, and get permission to recover an authorized and official archive of the old site.

Take a gander at the site, and you will see postings by quite a few names you may recognize, several guests at the Hermetic Library among them, to name only a couple: David Richard Jones and T Polyphilus.

There are still a couple posts missing, and a few things left to fix in the presentation, but most of the material is there. I’ll keep working at it, and if you notice anything amiss do let me know. But, enjoy taking a trip back in time to this historically interesting online forum!