Occult NYC

You may be interested in checking out The Midnight Archive:

“The midnight archive is a new web series which aims to document the exotic, the strange, the eccentric and the truly unique. Often dark and always on the fringe, the series puts an honest look into some of the most fascinating people, places and artifacts that many people are wildly unfamiliar with. From a woman who mummifies pets to the largest collection of automata, the idea is for the subject matter to tell its own story and give the viewer just a taste of something ‘unusual’. No dramatic stings, no editorial drama – just the facts.”


Episode 8 is part 2 of Mitch Horowitz talking about “Occult NYC

“Episode 08: Occult NYC Part 2 – We return to NYC as Mitch Horowitz, Author of Occult America, takes us to some of the more mysterious places in this fine city. We’ll learn about Madame Blavatsky’s midtown occult salon, get some insight into Grand Central’s mystic design, and in my case at least – become acquainted with the occult stylings of Fred F. French. Make sure to keep aware of Mitch’s walking tour which is hosted by The Brooklyn Observatory and Pam Grossman. and don’t forget to pick up Mitch’s book at amazon.com.

Also stay posted as Mitch and I are planning a ‘mini-series’ on the history of the occult in america – sort of a hyper-speed journey through this country’s occult past!”


Also, I noticed that the previous installment, episode 7, was about The Grand Guignol, which is always going to catch my eye … might be worth following what their up to over there.