As part of Robert Anton Wilson week over at Boing Boing there’s a recent interview which mentions Aleister Crowley, Thelema and magick

As part of “Robert Anton Wilson week” over at Boing Boing, there’s a recent post which mentions Aleister Crowley, Thelema and magick at “RAW Week: Interviews with Douglas Rushkoff, RU Sirius, David Jay Brown, Phil Farber, and Antero Alli, by Propaganda Anonymous

“PROP: Phil, you have been a magickal practitioner for many years, and have offered your knowledge and experience in courses you’ve led at the Maybe Logic Academy, as well as in your new book Brain-Magick: Exercises in Meta-Magick and Invocation. When it comes to Magick, how would you rate Bob as a magician?

Phil Farber: I rate Bob up there with the best. More so than any other writer on the subject, he was able to reconcile critical thinking, modern physics and linguistics with the ancient traditions of magick. Privately, Bob was a devoted practitioner and explorer. He brought his wide-ranging intellect and his personal spark of creativity to the job of understanding and updating the techniques. He did the work, for real. In person, he was somewhat reticent to discuss his ongoing practices, but after they were, for him, history, he gave us some limited accounts in the Cosmic Trigger series and in a few other places. As a result, Bob is probably responsible for bringing more new students to magick and, specifically, to Thelema, than anyone else, perhaps Crowley included. As a writer, he brought uncommon sense to the subject and not only made magick appealing, but also understandable to the modern mind.”