Big changes to the Libri of Aleister Crowley

So, there’s some big changes to the Libri of Aleister Crowley section on the site. Have you checked it out yet?

While the site was dark to protest the SOPA / PIPA bills which would enact online censorship in the United States, I was busy. You may have noticed. I’ve been planning this for a while, but I just didn’t find the right time to implement these changes. But, the old index of libri just didn’t reflect the incredible variety of resources available on the site, and hadn’t for a very long time.

The new main page offers links to separate indexes of all the various Aleister Crowley materials on the site. I will continue to improve these new separate indexes as I work on the site, of course; and, I’ll continue to add new indexes if there’s something useful I missed. But, you can already see, I think and hope, how much better this will be and how helpful these new indexes are in finding things on the site.

N.B.: If you miss the old index, it’s still on the site. I just moved it to where it logically goes: in the libers directory!


Articles – Originally this was an index for just the periodical articles that didn’t have a home in another section, but now it will become a more useful index to all the article titles across the various publications where they appear. I haven’t changed this much from how it was, but it will get more attention soon. Aleister Crowley really did a lot of writing in various publications, and I’ve started to include more of this, such as the well-known articles in The Equinox, as well as The International; but I’ve also been adding less well-known material, or harder to find articles.


Books – This information used to live at the bottom of the main section page, but I removed it because it was getting ugly and I really wanted to implement something better. Well, now I have this section to list published titles. As before, I offer links to both the text as it appears on the site and also a link to the book at an online book shop. I’ll add more links to the various formats available on the site, and will probably add links to Powell’s in addition to the Amazon links I’m currently offering.


Collections – There are sections on the site which I have created that collect information together around some theme or another. Examples of this are the long standing sections for Comments on the Book of the Law, but I’ve been adding others, such as the recent Θέλημα – Thelema to help people with some suggestions on where to start reading. This is a place where I can index these collections.


Correspondence – This section doesn’t have much right now, but the site has for a very long time had a selection of correspondence between Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris about the Thoth deck. But, there’s also been some books recently which collect correspondence between Aleister Crowley and others, and here’s a place where I can link to those.


Diaries – The diaries of Aleister Crowley appear excerpted in many places, including in the records of magical workings and operations. Selections from the diaries also have appeared in print in a couple of books. I wanted to start an index of what parts of the overall diaries are available and where. Here’s where that will live.


Dramatic Works – It seems like all everyone ever talks about are the Rites of Eleusis, which is great, but there’s really a lot of other dramatic materials written by Aleister Crowley. I’ve added a few so far, and will continue to add to this index in order to feature the wide variety available.


Libers – This section is the meat of the old main page, just moved where it belongs! You’re probably already familiar with this index, but I’ve made improvements over the last few years which I think have helped make this more and more useful.


Orders – I’ve been adding sections to the site for the various orders that Aleister Crowley was involved in or created, and here’s a place to collect those sections, and eventually other information related to them.


Other – This section has been around for a while to collect other works of interest for Crowley research by other authors. This includes several interesting articles about Aleister Crowley’s chess games, his influence on Gardnerian Wicca; and, information about books of interest by authors other than Aleister Crowley, such as biographies and other new work around Thelema and Magick.


Poetry – Long overdue, and something that will take a lot of work still, this section will offer various indexes to the large number of poetic works by Aleister Crowley, including by title as well as by first line and date.


Well, that’s an overview of the changes to the Libri of Aleister Crowley at the Hermetic Library. I hope you find these new indexes better and more helpful. But, remember, if you can’t find something on the site, there’s always the site search in the upper right corner!