Sales from the archives of LAShTAL

Looks like Paul Feazey, over at LAShTAL, is going to be putting items from his archives on offer soon, with lists of items posted first to the forums on his site and supplemented with downloadable catalogues.

“I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to sell the bulk of my archives: partly in order to raise funds for the ongoing maintenance and hosting of LAShTAL.COM, partly in preparation for an impending move to a smaller home and partly to raise some funds. I say ‘unfortunate’, but, in truth, this is an opportunity for members to obtain some very interesting items at very reasonable prices.

All items – books, papers, ephemera, prints and so on – will be listed on LAShTAL.COM and are offered to members and visitors in the first instance. Anything that doesn’t sell will ultimately be sold through eBay with reserves or starting prices not less than those listed here. All items are fully and accurately described and have been kept in archive conditions: smoke-free, pet-free and kept away from direct sunlight.” [via]