Review: Mr g by Alan Lightman

The archetype of Baphomet appears in a recent book, Mr g: A Novel About the Creation, reviewed at “Review: Mr g by Alan Lightman” by Michel Basilières.

“Alan Lightman is the author of the bestselling Einstein’s Dreams and other novels, as well as being a theoretical physicist. His new book, Mr g, is so obviously inspired by Italo Calvino that comparisons are unavoidable. The narrator is Mr g, who creates the universe, sets down a few physical laws, and watches it grow and evolve. He’s both helped and hindered by his Aunt Penelope and Uncle Deva, a bickering married couple who interfere with and hinder his project in ways only family can. Eventually an antagonist shows up in the form of one Belhor, who seems nothing so much as the devil, and his sidekick Baphomet (and later a smaller, subservient version called Baphomet Small).”