You may be interested in a campaign to support the first annual Hexenfest, Festival of magick-based music and dance. Two of the people behind this are Sharon Knight and Winter, who together form Hermetic Library Anthology Album artist Pandemonaeon, and Winter worked with T. Thorn Coyle on her Anthology Album track.

“Our Story

Hi there. We are Sharon Knight, Winter, and Anaar. Two musicians and a fashion designer inspired by myth, magick, and the realms of faerie. This is Sharon, writing this. Winter and I travel the land as a touring duet under my name. As yet we haven’t been able to tour with our full 6-piece band, Pandemonaeon. So we decided to create the kind of festival we’d like to play at, right here in our home town. Anaar, a dark tribal bellydancer and clothing designer for Tombo Studio, liked the idea, and Hexenfest was born.

There is no way we had time to make a video with all this first year festival prep going on, but if you want to learn more about us and see that we’re real people out in the world doing cool stuff you can visit us here: http://www.sharonknight.net, http://www.pandemonaeon.net, http://www.tombostudio.com/. And you can see Pandemonaeon live in this here video: http://www.pandemonaeon.net/videos/Pandemonaeon…

The Impact

Hexenfest will be the first Pagan/Pagan-friendly festival focused on music and the arts in California that we know of. In traveling to festivals all over the country, Winter and I have found that there is far more going on in terms of Mythic faires, Faery festivals, and Pagan festivals on the East Coast than there is on the West Coast. We aspire to change that.

This campaign is intended to launch what we hope will be an annual festival dedicated to quality Pagan/Pagan-friendly music, art, & dance – i.e.themes based in myth, legend, folkloric tradition, earth spirituality, fairytale, and the like. We feel the demand is here, especially in the Bay Area. If you would like to see such an event happen every year, this is your chance to help make it real.”