The Ninth House of Prometheus: Episode 1

The Ninth House of Prometheus: Episode 1 from Apartment 5 Films on Vimeo.

“Intergalactic intelligence operative and elite assassin Agent X. is en route to the Temple of Scherzo to infiltrate the brutal reign of the Empress, when mysterious sound waves interrupt the propulsion system of her DX-77 spacecraft forcing it down, towards the frozen landscape of the Delphinian Desert.”

“The Ninth House of Prometheus is an episodic feature film by Seattle based filmmaker Tyson James Theroux.

Originally conceived as a soundtrack for a non-existent science fiction film by Portland based composer Nathaniel Chase Ashley, Theroux developed the script to accompany the existing score. In the style of low budget serials of the 1940s such as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, the Ninth House of Prometheus was shot on a Flip camera in the living room of Theroux’s condemned apartment in 2010/2011 at a cost of less than $4000.

The Ninth House of Prometheus is currently being released in monthly installments.”

The video includes music from an imaginary soundtrack by Nate Ashley [also, also]:

“The second soundtrack I recorded explores the science fiction genre, albeit through a ’70s perspective. I wanted to capture the classical, jazz, funk, and experimental elements that made up some of the great scores from that time period.

This one has been hidden away in the vaults for a few years waiting for the right beings to unearth it. Luckily Tyson Theroux came along and created a film based on the music and took it to a whole other galaxy. The official release for the soundtrack will be this Winter.” [via]