The Feast of T.H.T.I.T.I. Brother Israel Regardie

Israel Regardie quote posted by T Polyphilus over on his blog today at “The Feast of T.H.T.I.T.I. Brother Israel Regardie“:

He said, as interviewed by Alan Miller (1985):

“I don’t consider myself a Master, in no way. [Crowley] may be a Master. I’m not. The less gab they have, the less emphasis on I love you, you love me, God loves us, and I love God, the more emphasis on the facts. Look, you’re a human being, and you’ve got a certain amount of guts — use it as a means of scaling the ladders of achieving the heights. Love and God will take care of themselves. First, be yourself, damn it, and stop talking about things you have no understanding of. This is my attitude.”