We named him Aleister

Kitten “lived up to his namesake”, Aleister Crowley, by being raucous and getting rid of vermin at “Take care in entering the realm of cat-owning“.

“We named him Aleister, after the occultist/mystic/writer/extremely controversial Aleister Crowley. He soon lived up to his namesake. He could be scooped up in one hand but could somehow mimic the noise level of a stampede as he galloped down the hall at night. He took to destroying toilet paper, stealing food at every opportunity and pinching items off tables to play with. Despite the fact that he still wanders around meowing to thin air when he’s bored and swipes food off unwatched plates, he has settled down and is no longer a furry terror. Though he tested our patience during his kitten period, he is fantastic fun to play with and loves to snuggle close. Aleister has also successfully reduced the amount of vermin that creep into our house.” [via]