Less than a week but there's still time to participate in Magick, Music and Ritual 3, the Spring 2012 anthology album

The deadline for submissions to Magick, Music and Ritual 3, the Spring 2012 anthology album, is less than a week away, but there’s still time to participate. Deadline for submissions is April 15th, 2012. Release planned at Beltane on May 4th, 2012. If you have any questions, comments or wish to contribute to this project; contact the librarian.

If you haven’t already checked out “Hermetic Library Anthology Album call for spring 2012 submissions” you really should gander at this call for submissions to the next anthology album of tracks by artists inspired by or who incorporate ritual and magick in their work. These anthology albums help promote artists to the audience of the Hermetic Library and beyond. These albums raise awareness about the connection between ritual, magick and music. Check out the Yule 2011 and Winter 2012 releases, help spread the word about the anthology albums and this new opportunity to participate to those you think may be interested, but first and foremost consider contributing to this next anthology!