Install the Hermetic Library site search in your browser

So, I’ve added an experimental option so you can install the Hermetic Library site search in your browser. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time and just got to it. In the upper right corner of most pages on the full site, where the site search has been all this time, there’s now a little ‘+’ (plus) sign.

If you click on that, and your browser supports it, you’ll either find the site search installed or available to use in your browser. In Firefox, for example, you can have that available as one of the options in the search field on your menu bar. In Chrome, the site search appears in the full list of available search engines in your preferences. And so forth.

Of course, you can still always just head to the site itself and use the site search in the upper right corner, or, if you’re using Google just simply add “” to your query, though the site search actually includes results from the other related sites, like the blog and so forth which may also be interesting.

I’ll see how it goes and improve on this over time, as I do with everything; but, thought I’d point out the option for you.