Clavis Journal of the Occult Arts

You may be interested in Clavis Journal of the Occult Arts, a new annual for advanced occult arts and letters produced by a collaboration between Ouroboros Press and Three Hands Press.

“CLAVIS is a premier journal featuring the arts and letters of the advanced occult disciplines. Born of the desire to serve an increasingly sophisticated esoteric community, it seeks a marriage of the theoretical and practical, learned and artistic. We are particularly concerned with manifesting text and image from a diverse spectrum of practitioners, scholars, and artists treating occult subject matter. Born of the work and vision of the past decade, Clavis Journal is a collaborative project of Ouroboros Press and Three Hands Press.

Clavis draws upon a diverse historical strata of occult tradition while carrying forward that legacy for magical futurity. Our pages feature Magical Theory and Practice, Hermetic Studies, Comparative and Esoteric Religion, History of Magic, Folklore and newly-emergent fields of syncretic occult praxis. In both design and purview, we entreat the fascination which mutually empowers both the artist and the magical art.

Produced annually, the debut issue of Clavis will be August 1, 2012. The journal is lavishly produced, issued in both a full color softcover and an Edition Deluxe.” [via]