Making A Ritual Oil – Part I

There’s a new post over on the Quadrivium Supplies blog about how to make your own ritual oil at “Making A Ritual Oil — Part I

“Making a ritual oil for the first time can be intimidating. Which scents? What purpose? Should there be solid herbs added? Which carrier oil? How diluted should the essential oils be in the carrier? It may possibly be going against my own interests (I do, after all, want you to buy the oil I make), but I think most people who use oils should know how to make them as well. This is my attempt at de-mystifying the process. These are the steps I go through when I’m making a new oil, and I hope you’ll find them useful. If it sends you screaming from the room, remember that my training is mostly hermetic and based in the Western Mystery tradition, so I’m fond of complicated recipes — and you’re under no obligation to make oils the way I do, thing about them the way I do, or deal with them the way I do.” [via]