The Book of Knowing

Ana Cortez sent me an email about The Book of Knowing, a project to get a special set of playing cards made with illustrations by her late father, which may be of interest to you. Ana describes the illustrations as “a bit otherworldly, decidedly archetypal, but also unusually original and artfully executed. Perfect for divination/ inspiration/ fascination.”


“The ‘Book of Knowing’ is a deck of regular playing cards (52 cards plus jokers) that aren’t regular at all! The one-of-a-kind images for these cards were brought to life by my Dad (CJ Freeman, 1941 – 2010) in large scale oils 35 years ago. With your support through Kickstarter, we will get 54 canvases converted into one unbelievable stack of cards. Dare I say, your card game will never be the same.

The images for this deck are so archetypal, so powerful, and so lucidly rendered, there is really nothing like them. They all came from my Dad’s very fertile imagination, his strong connection to the spirit world and his own intuitive sense as an artist. They are otherworldly, which to me is how good oracle art should be!”