Arcanum Bestiarum: Of the Subtil and Occult Virtues of Divers Beasts

Three Hands Press just announced Robert Fitzgerald’s Arcanum Bestiarum is available for pre-order.

“Robert Fitzgerald’s long-awaited new work Arcanum Bestiarum has just been announced for pre-order. Written in the tradition of the medieval bestiaries, but re-imagined for the modern magical practitioner, the 272-page volume examines the occult virtues and totemic majesties of fifty animals. Correspondences with deific powers, atavistic wisdom, and mythopoetic emanation are examined, especially in light of the sapient powers of tutelage all animals possess. Special attention is given to the zoomorphic aspects of alchemy, which historically used the bestial emblemata as veils of the stages of the Great Work, as well as shamanism and witchcraft, bodies of knowledge which are particularly rich in the lore of animals as spirit-helpers. The text is graced with over fifty original woodcut illustrations by Liv Rainey-Smith, prepared especially for this title in close collaboration with the author. Original woodblock prints from this book will be available this year at the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, in conjunction with the book’s publication.” [via]