In the Center of the Fire, A Memoir of the Occult 1966 – 1989.

In the Center of the Fire: A Memoir of the Occult 1966-1989 by James Wasserman is available now, published by Ibis Press.

“An autobiographical account of life in the New York occult underground of the 1970s and 1980s. The author was a central figure in the vibrant occult scene that blossomed in Manhattan during that period and played a significant role in the development of interest in Aleister Crowley in the United States, being actively involved in the publishing Crowley’s works and in the struggle between Marcelo Motta and Grady McMurtry, as well as being the founder of Tahuti Lodge of the O.T.O. In addition to offering a detailed historical view of events, the book also presents “a bird’s eye view of the 1960s hippie culture and its excesses of sex and drugs, and rock ‘n roll-along with an account of some of the personal transformations and penalties such a lifestyle brought forth.” An interesting and entertaining first-person perspective on this vital period of occult history, by Jim Wasserman, who has gone on to become well-known as a writer and speaker on the occult, Templars, esoteric Freemasonry and kindred subjects.” [via]