A Pleasure Dome

A Pleasure Dome [also] is an event being organized by Scarlet Imprint which may be of interest on Sat, Jul 21st from 11am until 11pm in Brighton, UK.

“We decree a Pleasure Dome in the spirit of the visions of Coleridge and Kubla Khan. An opportunity to actively engage in the dreams and visions that will inspire a new generation’s Jubilee.
This year we focus on the visionary aspects of magic, from Anger to Jarman, cut-up to performance, possession states to poetry, surrealism to the sacred. A happening will unfold with an a stellar cast of magicians, witches and media manipulators.”

“Our line up for the day and night with six speakers, two dancers, ritual, theatre, poetry and a magic lantern show comprising the best occult short films.
A major visionary event for the European magical community.” [via]