Book launch for Solve by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Book launch for Solve by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, published by Fulgur Limited, will happen at Treadwell’s Books in London, UK on Fri, Jul 20 from 7pm until 10pm.

“The Launch of ‘Solve’, the Black Book in Orryelle’s Alchymic Tela Quadrivium series being progressively published by Fulgur Limited –
Some of the large originals on black paper from the book will be exhibited (and for sale) on the night as well as other works by Orryelle, who will also present a short talk and musical (violin and voice) performance.
Entry is free but RSVP is required by calling or visiting Treadwells: 020 7419 8507.” [via]


“Last year, Orryelle’s COAGULA became one of our fastest selling titles. In fact, within nine months of release the entire edition had sold out. We are therefore very pleased to announce the third volume in the artist’s Tela Quadrivium series. In describing this new work Orryelle says ‘SOLVE dis-solves the gold distilled in Coagula, tears apart our egos, dismembers our bodies and hurls any conceptions of perfection back into the primal void. Herein lies death, destruction, and the Prima Materia, the base matter, the Al Khem — the fertile black soil of decomposing forms, the compost for new growth. In an exploration of the Nigredo or Blackening phase of Alchemy, the concepts of Black Magic are re-examined in this ThanatErotic tome of the backward winding path; from the darkness of the womb to the darkness of the tomb…'” [via]