The Book of Soyga

You may be interested in reading some recent news about the Book of Soyga, such as a post by Mariano Tomatis at “Soyga: the book that kills“, a link to the PDF of “John Dee and the Magic Tables in the Book of Soyga” by Jim Reeds, and an online tool to generate tables using the Book of Soyga system based on Reed’s work.

“Reading his diaries, and finding references to the dialogue with Uriel, she asked herself where the ‘Book of Soyga’ could be. The conversation between Dee and Uriel took place in London, so she started her quest at the British Library. She immediately found it, catalogued under its alternative title – ‘Aldaraia sive Soyga vocor’; everyone, before her, coudn’t find it under the letter ‘S’ of ‘Soyga’! A second book was found in Oxford at the Bodleian Library under the same, alternative title.”

“Through a series of microfilm, Reeds transcribed on the computer all the 46,656 letters, with the aim of identifying the order that lies behind the apparent chaos. After a detailed study, Reeds come across the startling answer to the puzzle: each table is based on a ‘magic word’ of 6 letters, which constitutes the ‘seed’, different on each page; a simple equation allows to calculate all the letters of the square 36 x 36.” [via]

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