Solve et Coagula: An Orphic Mystery Play

Solve et Coagula: An Orphic Mystery Play by Oryelle Defenestrate-Bascule is going to be released as a fully produced CD in addition to being performed as part of the festivities at Scarlet Imprint‘s A Pleasure Dome in Brighton, UK on Jul 21st. [via] The illustrated libretto, plus additional poetry and introductory materials, was launched at last years Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, but is available in a signed and numbered edition limited to 250. I assume the CD will also be available from the same page after release.



To the rhythm of the audience or other group of participants performing the Sufi Drum-breath:


Feel the throb

Of blood in your heart

It is the drum of Dionysos

Feel the pulse

Of blood in your veins

It is the drum of Dionysos


Feel the flesh quiver and tense


Feel the skin shiver and clench


Feel the river’s sliver in its cleft


Feel the snake slither in its nest


Feel it rise from betwixt your thighs

To your chest


Feel the buzzz of bees in your skull

Of reason be bereft

For Dionysos!

Solve et Coagula by Oryelle Defenestrate-Basucule