Hermetic Library book club selection F Gwynplaine Macintyre’s The Woman Between the Worlds

F Gwynplaine Macintyre’s The Woman Between the Worlds

Looking at my “to read” stack, there was one book that caught my eye, so I’m selecting F Gwynplaine Macintyre’s The Woman Between the Worlds for the Hermetic Library book club, beginning Aug 1st.

Ran into this author, if I recall correctly, because of an article over at IO9, and this work because of the description. “[A] fabulous adventure begins in the realm of the occult and the fantastic. Wonderous shape-changers, mysterious dissappearances, and terrifying evils await on the other side of the shadows.” Moreover: “A female shape-changer, pursued by invisible aliens, escapes to Victorian London. . . where she is aided by Aleister Crowley and the disciples of the Golden Dawn.” This book seems overall to promise a kind of Philip K Dick / Kurt Vonnegut surreal ride. Will it deliver?

Anyhow, I’m just leaping in to read books I’ve wanted to read and hope that people are interested in joining in. So, come on over and participate in the Hermetic Library book club and the ongoing discussion about the previous selection, René Daumal’s Mount Analogue, or get a start on discussing the next book, F Gwynplaine Macintyre’s The Woman Between the Worlds!


The Hermetic Library book club is for people interested a living Western Esoteric Tradition. The book selections will be wide ranging and may be from many genres, including fiction and non-fiction, that are of interest. Generally speaking the book selections will be related to the subject matter of the Hermetic Library, but this is a book club not a study group or an online teaching order of any kind. If you have comments, questions or suggestions contact the librarian.