More site search options and refinements

So, I just did a little bit of work configuring the site search that appears in the upper right hand corner of most pages.

That tool is quite useful for locating material that is in the collection of the site, or has been mentioned on one of the blogs. But, I just enabled the image search tab so that you can search just images. There is also a new advanced search refinement tab that allows one to refine a search to show only results within those Aleister Crowley documents that appear on the site specifically in the Libri of Aleister Crowley, Liber Legis and Thelema sections.

Of course, you can check out the site search by simply going to the library and using the tool as it appears in the upper right corner. If your browser auto-detects custom search engines, you should have the option of installing that in your browser, or you can try clicking on the “+” (plus sign) next to the site search field to add that manually, if you browser supports such things.

You can also go to the Hermetic Library at search engine portal directly.

These changes should help site search be even more useful for people than before, and if anyone has any requests for useful advanced search refinements feel free to let me know.