Bound by Intent

Bound by Intent” is a special presentation you may be interested in that will be taking place at the 2012 Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, Sept 15-16th.

“Twenty years ago, two of the most influential studios of the modern revival in esoteric publishing were founded: Xoanon and Fulgur. Their approaches returned vivified magical presence to the medium of the book through fascinative design and content. The Esoteric Book Conference is proud to host Bound By Intent, an interactive event commemorating the work of these two presses.

This historic exhibition charts the magical development of these publishers through the books that have entranced a generation. The narrative is further illustrated by rare variant issues, telesmata, contemporary photographs, correspondence, proof copies and ephemera concerning some of the most notable authors in modern occultism, including Austin Spare, Kenneth Grant, Michael Bertiaux and Andrew Chumbley.

Special signed souvenir copies of exclusive premiums from both publishers will also be available at this special EBC event, together with unique items available only at the event. Entry is free.” [via]