Fulgur Esoterica

You might want to check out the recent redesign of the site for Fulgur Limited, which site is now titled Fulgur Esoterica. The small print on the site still mentions Fulgur Limited, so it isn’t clear to me that this is a complete identity change, but may be specifically about creating a new site to better fit with an overall mission beyond just books, but to be active in the broader realm of esoterica.

“Twenty years ago, on an especially dark and stormy summer night, FULGUR was born. To celebrate our birthday I am delighted to announce a completely new website for the company, developed by Kaitlin Reeves of FORM & FUNCTION. FULGUR ESOTERICA refines our founding principles and supports our continued initiative to represent esoteric artists working within the genre. With this aim in mind, I am delighted to now be representing Francesco Parisi, Denis Forkas Kostromitin and Peter Dyde. Each of these artists has a commitment to producing work of exceptional quality, and we have several extraordinary projects in progress that will be announced over the coming months.” — Robert Ansell via Fulgur Esoterica newsletter [via]

“The creation of Fulgur is my response to the present state of occult publishing. The modern impetus seems to be the inauguration of important ideas without magical regard for presentation. Crowley and Spare both acknowledged the talismanic aspect of book production. The majority of their works are commensurate with the quality of the original idea, and were published at the most auspicious magical moment. Therefore my desire for FULGUR is to flesh the Current and bring magical creativity to design (through inspiration). I would also hope our publications will prove a matrix for new ideas and embody a talismanic regard for production in both materials and publication dates…” — Robert Ansell, writing to Kenneth Grant, October 29th, 1992 [via]