Project Mayhem 2012: The Re-Evolution: 4,000,000,000 Years of Evolution.

“Four billion years of evolutionary success encoded deep within the fabric of every strand of our d n a. Four billion years of evolutionary success has brought us here. A turning point for humanity, into a new aeon. An age that has pierced light into darkness illuminating all things. Chaos has never died, the truth of this world is that no one is in control, there are no rulers, there are no masters, there are no elite. Words rule the game, words have power, place no belief in these words and alone they are meaningless. Once we come to the realization of this, then and only then can we truly liberate our minds from the illusionary chains and shackles that have held us in captivity for far too long. Many great minds have paved the way for the coming revelation, we are not alone for we stand on the shoulders of giants. The time to take control of our reality is now. This is the time to wake up, this is the time to expose all lies, this is the time we send from darkness. We are the bees, TYLER is the hive and information is the honey.
Imagine we are one.
Imagine we are united.
Imagine we are the true bearers of light.
Imagine we leak it all.
We are Anonymous.
You are Project Mayhem 2012.
United as one, divided by zero.
We will create a new world while the old world crumbles.
12.21.2012, Expect us.” [via]