Dream Logic Tarot

You may be interested in the Dream Logic Tarot, a collaborative project by Jay Gidwitz and Anthony Teth. I reblogged a quote that was illustrated with the Dream Logic Tarot’s Lust – Strength card over at the Thelema and the Libri of Aleister Crowley blog, and thought you’d be interested in taking a gander at the actual ongoing project.


The 3 of Swords from Dream Logic Tarot


“I’m working on all 78 images for a deck of tarot cards in collaboration with occultist Anthony Teth.
The final images will also be available as fine art prints.
The imagery from tarot provides a rich landscape of archetypes.
The meanings of the cards are derived from platonic ideals, that ultimately every person can relate what a given card “means” to various points in their life.
Conceptually the meanings of the cards are at the perfect level of both generality and specificity that give Anthony and I both creative freedom, as well as a strong framework within which to work.” [via]


The Tower from Dream Logic Tarot


“I have recently joined forces with the extremely talented artist, photographer and reality deviant Jay Gidwitz. Together we are currently embroiled in the creation of a fully functional deck of Tarot Cards, with each card being a digitally illustrated (and esoterically relevant) work of art. An instructional book is also in the works.” [via]


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