Hello Aleister Crowley Kitty

You may be interested in this Hello Aleister Crowley Kitty figure by The All-Seeing Cat.

“A polymer clay and acrylic sculpture of Hello Kitty as the ‘Wickedest Man in the World’ in his Hermetic Horus pose with the Seal of Babalon on his chest.

H 2.5″ x W 1.7″ x D 1.7″

This One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) sculpture is part of the limited edition line of All-Seeing Cats. Each comes signed and cannot be found anywhere else, so be the first to give him a good home.

Aleister Kitty was hand-painted with high quality acrylics along with three coats of chip-resistant polyurethane varnish applied for protection and long lasting beauty.” [via]

Apparently “one-of-a-kind” only means each one is unique, “limited edition” appears to mean limited to how many are made, and the price is almost $100 per inch in height … but, in spite of that and other things, it is still pretty darned kawaii.

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